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About the Company


HealthCare Strategies, Inc. (HCS) is dedicated to effectively managing the healthcare risk of our clients and educating patients to make informed healthcare decisions. Through clinical management services and technology platforms, HCS provides the tools necessary to improve the health of member populations while reducing the healthcare costs for self-insured businesses. Since 1982, we have led the industry, pioneering initiatives such as predictive modeling based on clinical data, and developing patient-focused processes that yield consistently exceptional results. Our programs transcend traditional healthcare cost management offerings and deliver substantially lower costs and improved quality of care through our services. HCS prides itself in providing state-of-the-art clinical, financial, and analytical tools, enabling employers to take their health plan to the next level. We strive to help members improve their health and wellness, while driving down healthcare costs for the provider.



Founders of HCS


Janice K. Albert

Janice K. Albert, P.A., MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Jan is the co-founder, president and CEO of HealthCare Strategies, Inc. Jan contributes over 35 years of experience and a vast background in the health management industry. A graduate from Johns Hopkins University and Loyola College in Maryland, Jan was an early developer of UR systems, using her hands-on healthcare experience in oncology, primary care, and preventative medicine. Jan has successfully promoted and reinforced the company's core philosophy of patient advocacy and education through the delivery of innovative, risk-based, patient-focused services and systems.

The success of HealthCare Strategies has earned Jan notable recognition among colleagues as a member of both the International Foundation of Employment Plans and HealthCare Management Committee. Jan frequently speaks and guides discussions for predictive modeling and healthcare conferences across the country.


Bill P. Keenan

William P. Keenan, J.D.


As a co-founder of HealthCare Strategies, Inc., Bill began his career working as an educator in what was a first-of-its-kind program for developmentally challenged children. Later, Bill combined his law background with sales and marketing to pursue a new professional pathway in the emerging industry of managed care.

Bringing to the table more than 35 years of medical management experience, Bill has a comprehensive understanding of industry and customer expectations. He uses this background in his direct relations with existing and potential customers and in daily interactions with the HCS Sales, Marketing and Client Services departments.



Executive Team



Kathy Hilton

Vice President of Clinical Operations